A Guesthouse That Celebrates Diversity

Lodging for People From All Walks of Life

A Cultural Melting Pot

New Mexico has a beautiful tapestry of cultures and styles as well as a rich history. Our house is a perfect emblem of our city ’s spirit. Come and enjoy the local beer at night, play a game of poker, and meet new friends with us. Our relaxing environment and superior hospitality make El Cuervo the best guesthouse in Albuquerque!

Creating a Safe, Relaxing Environment for Everyone

Our goal is to foster an environment in which people can shine as their authentic self. In New Mexico, celebrating cultures and diversity is the core of our identity, we are forever grateful to have guests who visit us for that very reason. Albuquerque is rich in culture, we welcome visitors from all over the world and take pride in our hospitality.

Downtown Business Travel

Our downtown Albuquerque guesthouse provides the perfect retreat for business travelers looking for a delightful alternative to traditional hotels. Our house is a walking distance to the Albuquerque Convention Center, most municipal state and federal courts, government offices, and many great local restaurants. St. Joseph and Presbyterian Hospitals lie just 12 blocks away, while UNMH is within 2 miles.

Enjoy Your Stay at Our LGBTQ-Friendly Vacation Home

El Cuervo guesthouse is owned and operated by proud members and supporters of the LGBTQ + community. We love our people and we understand the struggle of finding a safe space to rest. Everyone is welcome in our home! Please bring the good vibes!


Connoisseurs of craft beer, welcome! As of 2018, New Mexico ranked amongst the top 10 for the most breweries per capita in the nation—the aforementioned state had 65. The majority of those are located in Albuquerque, and at least 10 of them are within walking distance from our guesthouse. The brewery industry has ushered in a huge boom for the local economy especially within the downtown and Nob Hill community. For our recommendations, check out favorite local breweries.


Leisure travelers enjoy the historic charm of our guesthouse that was once home to William and Brittania Mauger—prominent entrepreneurs in the late 19th century. Stroll through the historic downtown neighborhood or visit Old Town. You can also sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy the calming sound of the birds on the front porch. If it’s a little chilly outside, grab your favorite bottle of wine and cuddle up with your loved ones in the parlor in the cozy living room.


Explore New Mexico With Us

Driving across our state, you’ll see a huge variety of sceneries including:

  • Lush, Green, High Desert Panoramas
  • Winding Mountain Roads
  • Breathtaking Red Dirt Pueblo Reservations
  • Natural Hot Springs
  • The Legendary Beauty of the Pink Sandia Mountains
  • Barren Desert
  • Historic Wild West Ghost Towns
  • Massive Stretches of Lava Formations
  • Some of the Largest Caverns in North America
  • White Sands

All of these are complemented by a New Mexico sunset in the backdrop. If you want a #NMTrue experience and the selfies to prove it, stay with us! We know where all the good spots are. See our EXPLORE NM blog for more.